KNMI Data Platform (KDP)

We provide open access to datasets maintained or generated by the KNMI on weather, climate and seismology. KDP has replaced the KNMI Data Centre (KDC) in 2020.

KDP operates the following three websites:

How does it work?

KNMI publishes datasets and their metadata on KDP. These datasets can come from internal or external sources, and can either be static or updated at fixed or variable intervals. All data on KDP is free to use.

On this website you can browse KDP datasets and view its metadata. Access to the data is only possible via APIs. All data in datasets can be accessed as files via the Open Data API. Certain datasets are also available via WMS or EDR APIs.

KDP strives to be a persistent data repository. Datasets are retained for the lifetime of the repository. KNMI guarantees that, at a minimum, the metadata of a dataset will remain available.


Privacy Statement

KNMI handles your personal data with care and will take all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its users.

We find it important to continuously improve the user experience when navigating the KDP websites. To improve the website, we gather information about the usage of the interface and search engine. For this we process your IP address, gather anonymous statistics and retain logging information for 3 months.

For accessing KDP data an account can be used. Your account e-mail address is retained for the lifetime of your account. Usage of the KDP services via an account is tracked for fair usage and monitoring purposes. This logging is retained for 3 months.

In case of questions please contact the KNMI Privacy Officer. In case of a dispute, you may also submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.