KNMI Data Platform (KDP)

KDP ready to use

The first version of the new KNMI Data Platform (KDP) is available. KDP has replaced the KNMI Data Centre (KDC), which was turned off on the 27th of July 2020. Not only a change of name, but also a transition to new technologies. Initially, the KDP will be more primitive than KDC. A major change is the way in which data is downloaded: FTP and HTTP downloads are replaced by API download.

Why KDP?

To fulfill future ambitions, a digital KNMI transformation has been initiated. Part of this transition is the development of a new KDP as a successor of the KDC. Definitions for the new platform functionalities are in line with customer requirements and new technical developments.

How does it work?

Visit our KDP Developer Portal to get started with using our APIs.

Data with a service

All data on the KNMI Data Platform is free to use. For some datasets a service agreement is available, which is indicated on the page of the dataset. For more information about data as a service please contact

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