KNMI collects observations from the automatic weather stations situated in the Netherlands and BES islands on locations such as aerodromes and North Sea platforms. In addition, wind data from KNMI wind poles are included. The weather stations report every 10 minutes meteorological parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, wind, air pressure, visibility, precipitation, and cloud cover. The number of parameters differs per station. The file for the past 10 minutes is available a few minutes later and contains a timestamp denoting the end of the observation period in UTC. It is possible that a station's observations may not be immediately available. Files are updated with missing data up to 4 hours later.

For more technical documentation, you can go to https://english.knmidata.nl/open-data/actuele10mindataknmistations

For archived 10-min data, the data is split per variable https://dataplatform.knmi.nl/dataset/?tags=Archive

For validated history of climatological time series, you can go to https://www.knmi.nl/nederland-nu/klimatologie-metingen-en-waarnemingen


Dataset name Actuele10mindataKNMIstations
Dataset version 2
Status onGoing
Last metadata update December 5, 2023, 14:42 (UTC)
Update frequency continual
License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
North bound latitude 55.7
East bound longitude 7.4
South bound latitude 12.0
West bound longitude -68.5
Dataset edition 12
Dataset manager Lotte de Vos
Maintainer KNMI Data Services
Publication timestamp 2014-03-05T08:43:54Z
Reference system identifier EPSG4326
Dataset start time 2023-01-01
Dataset end time Unlimited
Identifier urn:xkdc:ds:nl.knmi::Actuele10mindataKNMIstations/2/
Lineage statement KNMI Meteorological Data distribution System (KMDS)
Use limitation No use limitations
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