Archive of gridded files of radar-derived 5 minute precipitation accumulations, corrected by rain gauge data. Radar data from 1500 m over the Netherlands and surrounding area measured by Dutch, Belgian, and German radars are corrected by available data from automatic rain gauges. Time interval is 5 minutes.

Starting with data from 31 January 2023 - 10.45 UTC onwards, this dataset is created using improved algorithms. This includes correction for signal attenuation, correction for vertical variation of precipitation, correction for fast-moving showers and use of uncertainty information in merging data from multiple radars.


Dataset name nl_rdr_data_rtcor_5m_tar
Status onGoing
Last metadata update February 6, 2023, 09:33 (UTC)
Update frequency daily
License https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
North bound latitude 55.97
East bound longitude 10.86
South bound latitude 48.9
West bound longitude 0.0
Dataset version 1.0
Dataset edition 5
Dataset manager Hidde Leijnse
Maintainer KNMI Data Services
Publication timestamp 2018-12-06T12:17:38Z
Reference system identifier PROJ.4+proj=stere +lat_0=90 +lon_0=0 +lat_ts=60 +a=6378.14 +b=6356.75 +x_0=0 y_0=0
Dataset start time 2018-12-07
Dataset end time Unlimited
Identifier urn:xkdc:ds:nl.knmi::nl_rdr_data_rtcor_5m_tar/1.0/
Lineage statement Radar reflectivities are measured by radars in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Single images per radar at 1500 m height are generated by linearly interpolating radar reflectivities in altitude. Radar reflectivities are then converted to rainfall intensities by using the Z=200R^1.6 formula. A mean bias correction factor is derived based on the most recent 1 hour rainfall accumulations from automatic rain gauges. The resulting radar rainfall estimates from all radars are then combined to a single product by taking a weighted average. The weigths are a function of the distance of a given point to the radar.
Use limitation No use limitations
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