-PROVISONALLY UNVALIDATED DATA- Gridded files of daily unvalidated precipitation sum in the Netherlands measured on 100-300 locations of the voluntary network from 08:00-08:00 UT. Grids are calculated based on unvalidated data (limited number of stations) as soon as the data is available, typically around 14:00. The data has only been automatically pre-validated. The complete validated dataset is Rd1.

Version 2 of this dataset is available with start date January 1st 2018.


Dataset name Rd1nrt
Status completed
Last metadata update March 7, 2023, 13:50 (UTC)
Update frequency daily
License https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
North bound latitude 53.7
East bound longitude 7.4
South bound latitude 50.6
West bound longitude 3.2
Dataset version 1
Dataset edition 4
Dataset manager Dr. Peter Siegmund
Maintainer KNMI Data Services
Publication timestamp 2014-01-28T00:00:00Z
Reference system identifier EPSG28992
Dataset start time 2014-02-04
Dataset end time 2018-03-06
Identifier urn:xkdc:ds:nl.knmi::Rd1nrt/1/
Lineage statement The interpolation method is ordinary kriging. Observations are square root transformed and back-transformed after interpolation using quantiles calculation. For every day a variogram is automatically fitted. The nugget is zero and the variogrammodel is spherical or exponential, depending on the best fit. The dates in the file name refer to the end-time and start-time of the measurement. The measurement at 08:00 UT (end-time) is assigned to the file in the folder of the preceding day on the FTP server as 2/3 of the measurement period falls on the preceding day. In other words: the measurement with the end-time 19810102T080000 is assigned to the folder 1981/01/01 on the FTP server or in the tar-file. The number of observations varies from 100 to 310. Therefore the dataset may be less accurate than the validated dataset (Rd1).
Purpose LCW / Netherlands Hydrological modelling Instrument (NHI)
Supplemental information https://cdn.knmi.nl/knmi/pdf/bibliotheek/knmipubIR/IR2010-01.pdf
Use limitation PROVISIONALLY UNVALIDATED DATA - use dataset Rd1 for validated data
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