Hazardmaps - seismic hazardmaps for Groningen, the Netherlands

Hazard maps published by the KNMI. The last version (v4) has been published on June 15, 2017. Previous versions were originally published in June 2016 (v2), October 2015 (v1) and December 2013 (v0). The hazard map shows surface peak ground acceleration (PGA, period T = 0.01 s) in the unit of [g] (9.82 m/s^2). The hazard map is calculated for the province of Groningen in the northern part of the Netherlands. The technical reports explain the specifications of the different versions of the hazard maps: http://www.knmi.nl/kennis-en-datacentrum/publicatie/probabilistic-seismic-hazard-analysis-for-induced-earthquakes-in-groningen-2013, http://www.knmi.nl/kennis-en-datacentrum/publicatie/probabilistic-seismic-hazard-analysis-for-induced-earthquakes-in-groningen-update-2015, http://www.knmi.nl/kennis-en-datacentrum/publicatie/probabilistic-seismic-hazard-analysis-for-induced-earthquakes-in-groningen-update-june-2016, http://cdn.knmi.nl/system/readmore_links/files/000/000/408/original/20170615_Technisch_rapport_hazardkaart_Groningen_2017.pdf Seismic hazard map 2017 (v4) which provides the spectral accelerations for specific locations and return-periods: http://rdsa.knmi.nl/hazard/

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