A SIGMET is a warning for (large) aviation that reports on (un)foreseen dangerous weather conditions and should therefore be treated with priority. The area for which the KNMI issues a SIGMET is the Amsterdam FIR, including the concession area in the North Sea (North Sea Area V) and above FL100. A SIGMET can be issued at any time. The validity period of a SIGMET is maximal 4 hours for a regular SIGMET and maximal 6 hours for a SIGMET for Volcanic Ash.


Dataset name sigmet
Status onGoing
Last metadata update March 28, 2022, 12:44 (UTC)
Update frequency irregular
License https://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/
North bound latitude 55.764314
East bound longitude 7.191667
South bound latitude 50.757273
West bound longitude 2.0
Dataset version 1.0
Dataset edition 1
Dataset manager Albert Jacobs
Maintainer KNMI Data Services
Publication timestamp 2021-09-21T17:00:00Z
Reference system identifier EPSG4326
Dataset start time 2021-09-21
Dataset end time Unlimited
Identifier urn:xkdc:ds:nl.knmi::sigmet/1.0/
Lineage statement The product is made in KNMI GeoWeb production environment
Use limitation No use limitations
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