Winds of the North Sea in 2050 (WINS50): wind speed, wind direction, temperature, pressure and relative humidity at 10-600 meter height from a reanalysis for 2020 with the NWP model HARMONIE-AROME nested in the ECMWF reanalysis ERA5. The HARMONIE-AROME simulation includes a wind farm parameterization (Fitch et al., 2012) using a 2050 scenario for turbine locations and properties over sea and over land. Data are stored as time series for individual grid points in a subdomain covering the Netherlands. More information on: www.wins50.nl.


Dataset name wins50_wfp_2050_nl_ts_singlepoint
Dataset version 2
Status completed
Last metadata update December 5, 2023, 14:44 (UTC)
Update frequency annually
License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
North bound latitude 55.656
East bound longitude 10.012
South bound latitude 50.078
West bound longitude 1.311
Dataset edition 1
Dataset manager Bert van Ulft
Maintainer KNMI Data Services
Publication timestamp 2023-08-10T00:00:00Z
Reference system identifier PROJ.4+proj=lcc +lat_1=52.500000 +lat_2=52.500000 +lat_0=52.500000 +lon_0=.000000 +k_0=1.0 +x_0=-92962.569890 +y_0=230385.198586 +a=6371229.000000 +b=6371229.000000
Dataset start time 2020-01-01
Dataset end time 2021-01-01
Identifier urn:xkdc:ds:nl.knmi::wins50_wfp_2050_nl_ts_singlepoint/2/
Lineage statement Files created from HARMONIE output by KNMI as part of the Winds of the North Sea in 2050 (WINS50) project.
Use limitation No use limitations
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